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At Dolphin Automotive & Radiators, we take auto repair and customer service seriously. Whether you need Auto Repairs or just need a quick oil and filter change, we'll treat your vehicle as our own and make sure that the work we do exceeds your expectations of Abbotsford repair shops.

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About Us

Established in 1996, Dolphin Automotive has provided intelligent and friendly service to drivers in Mission and Abbotsford for 20 years. In that time, we’ve built a reputation around timely, friendly service that you can depend on. At our Abbotsford shop, we offer a variety of auto services at competitive prices from regular repairs and maintenance to brakes and air conditioning. Whatever your make and model, our experts will make sure you’re back on the road in no time. Whether you need an urgent repair or regular maintenance, you can trust the professionals at Dolphin Automotive. Call or click to schedule an appointment now!

Our customers always come first. We are dedicated to providing first-rate customer service and unmatched workmanship, so you’ll keep coming back. We won’t price-gouge you out of your hard-earned dollars and are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Book your next oil change at our Abbotsford auto service shop and get to know our friendly staff.

We stand behind our work. That means you can depend on our auto experts to keep your car or truck in optimal shape. You will never leave dissatisfied with the quality of our work, and you can rest easy knowing all of our labour and parts come fully backed by warranties, to ensure you get what you pay for. Bring your car to Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford for repairs you can rely on. Book an appointment today!

Our Services

A Wide Range of Services

As the best auto repair company in town, we're equipped and ready to handle all your repair and maintenance needs. Look to the below to find our areas of expertise.

While regular maintenance and vehicle inspections go a long way to preventing future problems, eventually your car will need repairs and part replacements. When experiencing car trouble, take your vehicle to Mission’s most trusted auto repair shop. Rest assured Dolphin Automotive has experienced mechanics with the knowledge and equipment to get your vehicle back on the road in no time.

Any Car, Any Problem

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff in Abbotsford repair all makes and models, so you can always depend on Dolphin Auto to put you back in the driver’s seat. We are meticulous in our attention to detail and comprehensive services to keep your car in optimal shape. Car listing to the right? Bring it in for a wheel alignment. Broken tailpipe? Get a full exhaust system inspection. Dead battery? Get a new one installed at our auto repair shop in Abbotsford.

Expert Repairs

Of course one of the benefits of having access to certified professionals is that you don’t need to know what’s wrong with your car ahead of time. We have proudly served Abbotsford and Mission for over 20 years with our expert auto repairs.  The mechanics at Dolphin Automotive will identify any and all problems with your vehicle, and recommend the necessary level of auto servicing or repairs. We are dedicated to providing timely and meticulous vehicle repairs at affordable prices.

For top notch auto repairs at competitive prices, trust the experts at Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford.

The best way to prevent costly car repairs is to be diligent when it comes to scheduling regular auto maintenance service at Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford. Most systems inside your car require periodic servicing to keep them running smoothly and avoid problems later on. The one everyone knows is oil. It is generally recommended owners who use their cars frequently should have their vehicle’s engine oil changed twice a year. While maintenance can save you money in the long run, all cars need repairs sooner or later. Dolphin Automotive offers a range of quality auto repairs at competitive prices.

Time for a Tune Up

Open the glove box and pull out your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Inside you’ll find guidelines and recommendations for how frequently to service different systems. Scheduling regular car service appointments at our Abbotsford auto repair shop will allow us to perform a comprehensive tune-up of your vehicle. Our mechanics run through a long checklist of performance inspections including adjusting the tire pressure and checking fluid levels. It also provides us the opportunity to inspect the overall condition of your vehicle. Not only will this extend the life of your engine, it will allow our team of experienced mechanics to diagnose any developing problems with your car before they become costly repairs.

Drivers in Mission and Abbotsford know that expert auto service from Dolphin Automotive will help keep your car on the road and extend the life of your engine. Call or click to book an auto service appointment today!

Engine overheating? Time to call in the radiator professionals for a full inspection.

The Air Conditioning in your car works similarly to a refrigerator, cooling the air inside your vehicle by removing heat from the cabin and dispersing it into the outside air. It also works as a dehumidifier, using pressure to collect and expel moisture from the air inside your vehicle. If your AC stops working properly, take your car to Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford for repairs.

Keep Cool

Generally speaking, air conditioning systems rarely break down, and regular maintenance from Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford will make sure your AC is always in optimal condition. Having said that, it can also be difficult to identify leaks in your air conditioning without professional diagnostic equipment. This emphasizes the benefits of having your car’s air conditioning regularly inspected by a professional at Mission’s trusted AC repair shop.

Specialized Repairs

Many people may not realize is that a car’s air conditioning system actually uses a lot of pressure to condense and vaporize warm, moist air. Because of the high level of pressurization involved, it’s important to have a trained car professional with the necessary special equipment perform all repairs of your AC system. Our experienced technicians in Abbotsford have all the tools and knowledge needed to effectively and safely service your car’s air conditioning.

Don’t lose your cool! Keep your air conditioning running smoothly with AC repair service from Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford.

Brakes are the most important safety system in your car. In an emergency situation, they make all the difference. That’s why it’s important to make sure your brakes are always in optimal condition. Regular maintenance will help your brakes last longer and extend the life of your car. At Dolphin Automotive, we take your safety seriously, offering comprehensive brake inspections, repairs, and replacements in Abbotsford.

Don’t Risk Bad Brakes

When your car starts making squeaking or grinding noises as you brake, it’s time to bring your vehicle into the shop for a checkup. If you ever have trouble stopping or notice your brakes aren’t responding properly,  don’t hesitate to call Abbotsford trusted brake repair shop, Dolphin Automotive.

Brake Inspections and Repairs

We will fully inspect your braking system from top to bottom, including brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, hoses, calipers and wheel cylinders. After each inspection, our expert staff will take the time to  fully explain the current condition of your brakes, and what work is needed to keep them performing flawlessly.

Trustworthy Service

What sets us apart from other auto repair shops in Abbotsford is our integrity. All of our prices are competitive and we won’t try to sell you on unnecessary fixes. We will always provide you a quote for all of our services before repairing or replacing your brakes.

When your brakes start groaning, don’t risk it, call Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford to schedule a full brake inspection.

Your car’s radiator and antifreeze work together to prevent the vehicle’s engine from overheating. To keep your engine working properly, it’s important to ensure your car’s cooling system is well maintained. Regular radiator inspections and timely repairs from Dolphin Automotive serving in Abbotsford, Fraiser Vally, and Mission will save you the grief and costs of an overheated engine in the future.


Radiator maintenance is key to promoting the long-term health of your engine and avoiding big repair costs. Periodically replacing your vehicle’s engine coolant/antifreeze is the first step in that process. The longer you wait to change out your engine coolant, the more acidic it becomes. If the coolant is allowed to become excessively acidic, it can severely damage your vehicle’s radiator. Refer to your driver’s manual to learn the proper service intervals for replacing your coolant, and get the professionals at Dolphin Automotive in Abbotsford to perform regular maintenance to prevent future problems.


If you notice pools of antifreeze/coolant under your car or notice the engine temperature gauge is abnormally high while driving, it’s time to take your car to Dolphin Automotive. Our experienced radiator professionals in Mission will check the quality of your engine coolant, identify any leaks in the cooling system and make the necessary repairs to keep your engine operating at the optimal temperature.

For more information about radiator maintenance and repair, call the experts at Dolphin Automotive & Radiator Repair in Abbotsford to book a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s engine cooling system

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